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Friday 18 february


Meadow company has been asked to conduct a review of its current operating costs and to outline suggestions following theManagement Advisory Board's decision to examine the feasibility of obtaining a 20% to total spending in the coming fiscal year. The following report will consist in presenting our findings and will alsopoint out several policy recommendations.

The three outsourcing criterias that are estimated to correspond the best to our company are the following :
- low cost outsourcingservices
- robust infrastructure
- same language and politic stability

Low cost outsourcing services:
As Meadow Company's managers have realized that our company was suffering from a fall ofsales product principally due to the arrival of new rivals on the market, objective is to choose a country guaranteeing low cost outsourcing services. Hungary , Malaysia , South Africa and India arecountries where there are a low cost of production. But India will be perfect for seeking out the same work quality at lower costs.

Robust infrastructure
Concerning our infrastructures criteria SouthAfrica ,Malaysia, Hungary and India seems to respond exactly to our expectations. Indeed, They work with many workers with technical skills. Malaysia has well-developed world-class infrastructure.In Hungary there are large pool of tech-savvy workers.

Same language and politic stability
Our studies showed that India , Malaysia and South Africa have mastery over the English language.Malaysia has good government support. South Africa is advantageous to the UK market as it lies in the same time zone and has a similar culture. It is very easy for our company to outsourcing call center inthose countries.

It seems clear that Malaysia , South Africa , India and Hungary are countries where our company could outsourcing call- center , and every tasks where there are not...