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Marion Bouchard

Liz Tomacruz

Composition & Rhetoric I


28 March 2011

These last few decades have seen an evolution in the people’s behavior in society. A commonly held belief is that advertisers follow these changes to creates new and effective ads in order to manipulatespeople and sell them their products. Ads are much more than a simple video or paper to present something. They are attractive, everywhere and take an important place in everyone’s life. Today, people are in contact with ads, on TV, radio, magazine, or in the street. It’s a societal phenomenon and could be dangerous to everyone’s way of life.
The purpose of this study is to demonstrate thatadvertising is more than just an annoyance; it is a destructive influence in contemporary society.
This said we must take into consideration that this view will not be met with universal approval. Indeed, there will be many who may not find danger in ads. That is why some peoples support ads that have non-lucrative goals. Also not everyone has the same opportunities to be informed about illnesses ordivers dangers, so ads could be useful. While this true, a balanced view cannot ignore the fact that ads are normally used to promote products of company in order to sell them.
Our case about the destructive influence of ads on society is based on three main arguments. In the following pages, we will first look at the fact that advertising about junk food has became more presentwhich, creates unhealthy eating habits in children that increase the problem of obesity. Secondly we will argue that advertising manipulates the way of life of consumer and makes them disconnected from real life. Finally, we shall examine the reasons for the fact that advertising influence peoples to buy product that they don’t need and indeed make them more materialistic.
Advertisement is first ofall a tool of communication with the consumer, but sometimes it can be used in non-profit cases or in informative way. For example, in poor countries, there is a lack of information about illnesses such as VIH, so in this case advertisement could be a good method to correctly inform this person. Ads could also be a good way to defend some causes like children abuses or animal testing like do ActResponsible; an agency specialized in ads that illustrate problems of society in order to make peoples sensitive. While it is true, we cannot ignore the fact that the main reason why there is ads is that companies have to promote their products to sell a maximum of amounts. Advertisements for products take an important place in everyday life of the consumers and influence them to buy things theydon’t necessary need. They feel concern by this kind of ads because they are directly target. That is why many peoples consciously or unconsciously paid attention to advertisement, because they can identify themselves in it. Indeed, advertisers have reached their main goal: make profit thanks to the promotion of products.
The first and main reason why advertisement is a destructive influence incontemporary society is that they favourite the ascent of unhealthy habits to children because of their junk food ads. Advertisement have an important place in this world, they count in millions only in the United States. They have an attractive power on the population and especially on the children. In spite the fact that young people have more and more access to the video games or still to the Internetearly, they always spend so much time in front of the TV. So numerous television programs are specially created for children, for example in France a TNT channel, Gulli, proposes only cartoons all day long. This channel is thus a perfect deal for the advertiser who can propose their product directly to the children. The advertising addresses, for the most part of time, directly the child. But...