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The idea of studying abroad is getting one of the most attractive goals for the students all over the world. Some years ago it seemed to be an unrealizable dream ora prerogative of the rich, nowadays more and more people can let themselves such a pleasure. According to UNESCO the number of students who continue their studies overseas isgrowing rapidly. In 2009 it reached approximately 3 million international students compared with 2.5 million in 2004. What benefits attract millions of young people to leave their homesand to go overseas for university study?
Obviously this is an amazing experience that will help the students to broaden their outlook and to enrich their lives. Beingimmersed in an entirely new cultural context makes a big impact on the way of life and the way that a person views the world. Besides, studying abroad is an opportunity to develop yourcharacter and learn to be independent and able to make decisions in different situations. Moreover, it gives a great boost to the development of foreign languages. Nowadays this skillis really valuable and increases considerably the chances of finding a well-paid job.
Although the majority of students claim that studying abroad is one of the most rewardingthings that he or she has ever done, it is important to realize that living in a country where a student doesn't know anyone can be rather lonely and risky. Sometimes it is ratherdifficult to avoid homesickness and adapt new culture
especially when there are significant language barrier.
I do think that studying abroad is a unique chance. In myopinion almost everything that we do in our life has a certain level of risk and anyone who has succeeded in something understands that risk is absolutely necessary for their progress.