Reunion island

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Reunion island

Introduction :

Reunion Island is in the Indian Ocean, located at 800 km from the east cost of Madagascar.
With Mauritius and Rodrigues, they constitute the archipelago ofMascareignes. $ She has a tropical weather and with his environment, his tropical jungle $, his volcanoes and his plantation of sugar canes $, it’s a colour island. The island has many trump cards, as itshistory which is a permanent admixture of peoples, its fauna and its flora or its situation of pivot in the south-west of Indian ocean.

I) The multiple facets of the island
a- His volcanoesand his sharp reliefs
Reunion Island is one of the youngest islands all over of the world, she’s from 0 to 5 millions years old what is quite young. That’s why she has this inhospitablereliefs.$
We have two volcanoes, the older and bigger is called “Le piton des Neiges” $ whose is asleep and the other one called “Le piton de la fournaise” $ is still in activity and every year, we haveabout 3 eruptions $. So the island is still growing up.
We have a unique sort of reliefs. Because of huge collapses, it formed 3 valleys called “cirques” or circus: $ Mafate, cilaos et salazie, andone of them isn’t accessible in car, we have to walk to go there but there is a village with maybe 100 people, they bring food or anything else by helicopter once by week. $
This is the reasonwhy most of the people live on the coast. $
Nevertheless, it makes his charm because the landscapes are diversified between tropical heat and pure air of mountains.

b- The microclimates
Wehave a kind of eternal summer even if the temperature can be very different between the beaches and the mountains but the most strange is the difference between the east and the west coast on thissmall island.
On the east, it’s very wet and they have a lot of rain because they receive trade wind $ instead of the west coast, thanks to the mountains, it’s sunny and dry $.
Then, we have some...