Revelation de l'innondation du pakistan

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Please find attached divine revelation (Ilham) to Hadrat Mirza Bashir uddin Mahmood Ahmad (ra) Khalifatul Masih 2nd (1914-1965) of Ahmadiyya Muslim Communityabout 60 years ago in 1951, of the floodsin Pakistan.

Ilhaam on the night of 17/18 March 1951
Urdu wording:“ Sindh se Punjab Tak Donoun Taraf Mutwazzi Nishaan Dikhaounga”

English: “Sind to Punjab on both sides parallel a vitalsign(divine) will be shown.”
17/18 March 1951

At the time when the Ilhaam was revealed to Hazrat Musleh maoud ra it was also put into his heart that the Word Mutwazzi (parallel) is used to indicateboth the sides. And with both the sides means either side of river Sindh or the sides of road or rail which joins the Eastern parts of Karachi with other parts of Pakistan. This was also revealed thatthese indications will be good and in favor of jamaat. Occasional indications from Allah subahanhu taala regarding the incidents are fruitful in favor of Ilaahi silsila. Because of these indications andincidences people turn their thoughts towards the acceptance of truth. This Ilhaam indicates that one or more than one incidences will be occurring in future with huge impact on the Southern andNorthern parts of river Sindh or the Southern and Northern parts of the rail region. It also means that Southern and Northern parts of Sindh or the part of Baluchistaan will also be impacted. And on theother side of the river Sindh areas like Dera Ghaazi Khan, Myanwaali, Camel Pur (Attock) and the boundaries of state of will also come under impact. Most of the regions in these areas will be affecteddue to this catastrophe. “Donoun Taraf” (both the sides) is an indication of disaster like flood, because these types of calamities affect both the sides. But Allah has not indicated clearly, but weshould be waiting for this incidence to occur in one or the other form. But Allah for sure has indicated that this prevalence will surely be fruitful for jamaat. Al Fazal 29th March 1951 page 3 ,...
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