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Observation Report: C-G inc.

Mission Statement
C-G inc. Provides comfort in every way because there mission is to be sure people are comfortable through the entire transaction. From the selectionprocess, payment options, to the delivery, they want there customers to feel comfortable and secure with their decision. At C-G inc. It's all about the customer. C-G inc commitment is to provide allcustomers with a range of well chosen, good value merchandise and to present this in an attractive , pleasant and efficient services.

I met the supervisor Ali Rasheed at 12 o'clock .We started by checking the deliveries of the week. I contacted some customers to confirm the date of the delivery for tomorrow. After that, we went in the back store because we had a truck offurniture to deload. While the employee were deloading the truck, Mr. Ali was checking if there were any mistakes or if the furniture were in good condition. Around 2 o`clock i helped the others employees toposition all the new furniture in the store and in the back store. From 3 o’clock to 4, Ali and i went for dinner, while he teach me a lot about his business. He told me that it was his father storeat first, and by the time he grow up , he had all the knowledge to take the responsibilities to supervise the store. Now his father is in is retirement and since he manage the business, the profitdoubled. His business runs so good that he has plan to open another store in Montreal probably this summer. From 4 to 6 o’clock , i stayed with Mr. Ali while he called some customers and served somecustomers. He even made a big sell of 2700 $ of furniture in front of me. I was really surprised the way he react and talk with customers, he his very honest with them and try his best to help them withwhat the really need instead of trying to sell something that they don’t need or they don’t want.

Employee Hierarchy
C-G inc has 8 employees. The different task at C-G inc. is the delivery ,...