Robin hood

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Robin Hood

1. Robert Fitzooth explains that he wants to be elected to lead his men, not only because he is the most able amongst them, nor simply because of his birth, but because "one must rule and I come of a race of rulers". Explain this idea.
It is true that Robert is the most capable amongst his men to be a ruler because heis a better archman, because his father and himself were Earls which, by birth, makes him to natural choice of ruler. But there is more to it. Every community needs a ruler, a guide who makes decisions, looks after the community and makes the rules. Otherwise, it would be utter chaos (Cf Lord of the Flies, where even kids appoint themselves a leader). Robert Fitzooth is more likely to assume thisposition because he was born amongst rulers. He knows how to treat his subjects, how to govern them. He has the experience and the charism necessary to do so. He will not lead his men to faillure.

2. He believes in the Divine Right of Kings, yet he heads a rebellion against the king's brother because he disagrees with the use of his power. Discuss the paradox inherentin this stance.

This situation is paradoxical because, even though Prince John isn't the king chosen by Divine Right, as long as his brother, gone in crusades, is still alive, he might become the rightful king when his brother dies and he will not rule differently. So, would what Robert now considers a just rebellion become treason if John was made king, even to his owneyes ? Maybe Robert us hiding behind the fact that Richard is away to justify his revolutionnary beliefs. He may not have stood down and obeyed Richard if those had been his principles. Or, maybe because he is a true faithful subject to the crown, he will not accept any decisions made by Prince John, especially if they go against his brother's way of ruling. Would he surrender, even if he has togive up everything else he believes in ?

We should not forget the context in why this story of Robin Hood must have been written. Richard the Lion king was considered a good king by his subjects - even though he quickly left them to go fight in the Cruisades. He represents what the people want in a king whereas his brother represented the exact opposite. Making acharacter like Robin Hood, who is a firm believer in God's justice and mercy, someone who helps the needy and fights unjustice, who is a loyal subject to the crown.. making him question the established power is a medium to convey a strong critic of the monarchy and rally the people to this idea. This is how people obtained changes (like Magna Carta), by excercing pressure on the king.Comment on Robin Hood's position as King of Sherwood.
His title is not an offical one. It has no legal existence nor political weigh in the kingdom. It is a symbolic position, to which his fellowmen have agreed. He was appointed ruler of an alternative society who refuses the actual power in place. He has promised his fellowmen to first care for them, for mercy and the love ofGod. This is exactly the role of a true king. Since he has created a community at the margin of society, he naturally has become its King.

3. What is the guiding principle in R. Fitzooth's life ?
Justice, God and Men's Justice is the guiding principle in Robert's life.

4. Would you agree that the means justify the end ? Widenyour discussion to include contemporary situations.

First of all let's examine Robin's case. His end is quite a noble one: he wants equity, he wants to help the ones in need, the weak ones who can't count on anyone to help them. To achieve this end, Robin Hood has decided to create an alternative system in which his rules apply and his followers must follow this rules and...
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