Roles and responsabilities of managers

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The 7 Roles and Ethical & Social Responsibilities of Managers

• Decision making.
A manager makes organizational decisions andhandles a variety of problems that arise on a daily basis. You have to identify the problems, create choices and alternative courses of actions. The daily routine of making decisions includedetermining how to approach an employee who is not performing or lacking progress and how to bring about change to the organization and its team. It involves thinking and planning out strategies on how toimprove quality and also being cost conscious and effective.
• Goal setting, planning and organizing.
In order for you to achieve long term goals and commit to strategies for substantial earnings,you have to communicate the vision of the company to your subordinates. You break down and clarify the goals that each team or individual have to perform and assign work schedules and strategies.Having goals and planning out the directions allow for effective time management and saves cost and resources.
• Guiding and giving directions.
Your role as the head of an organization is to guideand give direction so that the team can perform effectively. You offer on the job coaching, training and support. In order for individuals to meet the needs and objectives, they may need extra input,information or skills.
• Empowering others.
The performance of your team depends on your abilities to empower them. How well a person performs depends on his motivation. Your task is to encourageand coach others to improve themselves and the quality of their work. You need to instill in them the desire to excel and accept responsibility and self-management.
• Communication and peopleskills.
As the boss, your ability to develop trust and confidence, resolve problems and issues will result in a productive, goal oriented work group. You should encourage your team to ask for help,...