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I. Word and their stories by Richard Kleindfedt

a. At first, i'm going to introduce you a text about the story of the word "Heart" and some of his expressions, that'swhy i'll begin by telling you why that word became so important, then i will tell you some expressions with a little game.

b. And finally i'll comment you an extract of the movie The Wizard ofOz called "if only had a heart".

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Everybody knows about the word heart into expressions, but do you know why it's so used?
The fact is thatduring a long time, people believed heart was the center of emotions in human body; it's easy to understand
because after all, heart is the one which beat faster when you love, and that led to manyexpressions, for example, don't be frightened about showing your feelings, even if you have your                     , do it! And if after that you only get a                                   ,because you'd been rejected by a person with a                              , maybe you could                                    to a friend, who knows? Maybe you'll have a                                        talk!
But always chose someone who                                                        as we say, but if he tells you his                                                  , heparadoxically doesn't care about your story. In this case he's probably a                                                    person, and you'll have to be                                  to face yoursadness alone, and absolutely not                                       , stop worrying and                                       !
More popular now, in the Wizard of Oz, an old movie, there's a Tinman seeking a heart to feel love and emotions, that which enter in
the old belief, and a lion, having a heart but seeking courage, you can say...