Rosa parks

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Rosa parks is an obstinate woman and she has much willpower. She struggled against the segregation of blacks and whites and rebelled against the laws of the busin Alabama refusing to leave his place in the middle section. She was arrested. Many people have organized bus boycott. The next day, she was considered. Sheremained courageous and determined. Finally, she caused a big change in American law because a white lawyer, Clifford Durr willing to challenge the law on thesegregation of Rosa Parks is a victim and Whites and blacks can sit where they want on the bus. But also, drivers should be more courteous to the people and hewants black drivers to be hired. After that, Rosa Parks has been sought and admired, she becomes the icon of movement against the segregation and non violentmovement. I think that it’s a heroine not only for the blacks, but for all men. She has revolutionized the world simply by refusing to leave his place. His arrest wasthe trigger for the struggle for civil rights and she played a very important role in freedom human. Today everyone in America has equal rights. So I think RosaParks is a hero for actions that led.
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