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New Kids in the Neighhood is a painting by Norman Rockwelle. When the artist painted this work of art , America was experiencing the civil rights movement. Lot of families from different backgrounds, cultures and religion were beginning to live in the same neighborhoods , eat at the same restaurants and sit next to each other on buses.

New Kids in the Neighbourhood ( 1967 ), so entitledNegro in the Suburbs is a very famous painting. We can notice at once a symmetry of this picture : the opposition of the neighboors , the "confrontation". There is , on the right , the white children ,they're dressed whith casual clothes :jeans, baseball white outfit, shorts, socks and sneakers and they have a black dog which opposes to the white cat . On the left , we can see the new arrivals (neighboors) who are black , they are neatly dressed : white jumper, shorts, socks and sneakers. They are standing with their arms behind their backs, staring at the other children with curiosity.They are many similarities , the black gril and the boy in the yellow pullover have the same posture , they're titled back while the others are titled forward. Hands behind the back for three of them ,two boys have an equipment of baseball in Lands.Wa can see that the childrens are in a residential area ( thanks to the law , the house side by side and the parked can). It's really the American dreamtype in the 1960 ( apex of American model) : a beautiful house ,a beautilful car , and a beautiful life , it's a sign of success.

The date of this picture is very important because since 1964 thereis a civil equality for the blacks and in 1965 a right to vote freely.We see that the painter advocates the equality between the whites and the blacks, quite as had made him Martin Luther King withhis famous speech " I have has dream " but also as wanted Rosa Parks who refused to get up to leave his place to a white woman in the bus.

This picture between photography and painting is very...