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Hey miss kambris it's yara borrello , how r u?
So this is y speech:

I am yara borrello and do you know why I am here? I am here on behalf of all the students inmy school, college protestant francais. I am here to present the students' opinion on destroying the green spaces around our school. I am here today, standing before all of you, to defend the students'rights!

Why do you think there are trees o the planet? For you to destroy them? NO not at all! Green spaces around our school represent freedom, not only for us but for theanimals. Do you know how many animals you're killing? How many children you're disappointing? And yet you don't care about anyone but ourselves! You are all selfish and greedy! Is this the ideal examplefor your children? No, it isn't.
As we all know, we have a problem in the world, that is global warming, and we are trying to solve it, but do you really think it would help totear down trees and plant buildings instead? Honestly, it will just make things worse. Plus, who will it benefit? The rich people who probably won't even live here for half of the year? Do you think it'sworth it? Do you think it's worth YUOR children's happiness? Can you be that selfish?
Anyway, when you drive around the city, how many green spaces do you find? One, two max?And why is that? Because of YOU! YOU destroy every inch of green just to build and build! This is probably the only green area we, children, have and you want to destroy it, just like you aredestroying the planet and just like you brain washed your own children...You may not be aware of what you are doing, but we are, we students are aware!
Did you know the most of the parents actually put theirchildren in this school due to the amount of green spaces, so that their children can grow up in a clean area, where they feel free, where they can run around, where they find happiness! Do you...