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Durée : 45 minutes

Coefficient attribué à cette épreuve : 2 1ère partie

Lisez attentivement les instructions suivantes avant de commencer.

Pour chaque énoncé de cette épreuve, vous seront proposées au plus 4 réponses (réponse A, réponse B, réponse C, réponse D).

Il y a une réponse juste et une seule par question, 40au total. Vous pouvez vous abstenir de répondre à une question. Si vous indiquez plus d’une réponse par question, alors votre réponse sera considérée comme fausse.

Vous vous servirez de la feuille jointe pour indiquer vos réponses en noircissant les cases situées audessus des lettres correspondantes.

ATTENTION : si vous désirez modifier votre réponse à une question, ne raturez pas, maisindiquez votre nouvelle réponse sur la ligne de correction prévue à cet effet. Exemple : vous souhaitez répondre B, puis après réflexion D. votre 1ère réponse





votre correction

La 1ère partie entre pour 60% dans la note de cette épreuve.

Questions 1 à 20 : Complétez les pointillés par la formule adaptée ou répondez aux questions. 1. What time ... arrive? A) do you B)did you C) are you D) were you She ... in opera. A) is interested B) is interesting C) is keen D) interests herself He hasn’t smoked ... two years A) since B) during C) for D) ago Hurry up! We don’t have ... . A) many times B) long time C) time enough D) much time The success of this mission depends ... you. A) by B) of C) from D) on He is ... person! A) so a strange B) a such strange C) such astrange D) a so strange Excuse me, can you help me? I need ... . A) an advice B) some advice C) some advices D) one advice 9. She is wearing the same dress ... you. A) that B) as C) like D) than


10. This job is ... I thought A) not so easy than B) not as easy as C) more difficult that D) more hard that 11. I am ... staying with a friend. A) currently B) until now C) actually D) sometimes 12.The government ... to reduce unemployment. A) is trying B) tries C) has been tried D) had been trying 13. Have you ever ... London? A) been gone in B) gone in C) been to D) been in 14. Oh no! I think I ... a terrible mistake! A) make B) made myself C) did myself D) have made 15. You weren’t ... so early. A) waited B) expected C) expecting D) waiting 16. When I was young I ... in Nice. A) havelived B) was living C) used to live D) have been living






8. Nobody ... me to start. A) said B) told to C) told D) didn’t say


17. Over the last few years my life ... more complicated! A) is become B) has become C) is became D) becomes 18. I ... to speaking English. A) am not used B) not use C) didn’t use D) don’t use 19. The school, ... IPAG, is located inParis. A) which name is B) which is called C) whose called D) who is called 20. My friends want ... organise a party for my birthday. A) I to B) me to C) me D) that I 21. He ... for three years. A) doesn’t work B) is not working C) didn’t use to work D) hasn’t worked 22. That was a mistake! You ... turned left, not right! A) had to B) must have C) should have D) were to 23. If you ... the dishes, Iwill sweep the floor. A) would wash B) will wash C) wash D) washed

24. The year 1994 is pronounced A) thousand nine ninety four B) nineteen ninety four C) nineteen hundreds ninety four D) nineteen thousand ninety four 25. He told me that he ... a little late. A) will be B) would be C) is D) is being 26. It is ... from here. A) minutes in car B) five minutes by foot C) a five minute walk D) fiveminute’s walking 27. In the last year, she has ... a lot of difficulties. A) known B) experienced C) met D) submitted to 28. I don’t think France ... win the next world cup. A) might B) is likely to C) may D) don’t will 29. He can go as soon as he ... the job. A) will finish B) will have finished C) has finished D) is to finish 30. If he ... the police, they would have got away. A) hadn’t called...