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The village lies on two acres where mingle (se mèlent)over 400 works of contemporary art of various influences: (,,,)

The site is open to the public since 1982.It welcome, up to date,more than 500 artists from across the world.The site is divided into three parts. During this visit we will go outside for see sculptures into forest and art galleries.
We will meet more than 8galleries spread over two locations in the walk.
The site also offers accommodation for visitors in wooden cabins in the heart of the forest.
So,We will go outside the site which was named « Plasticmadnesses »
These various works are ideally contemplate at night because they are composed by neon and recycled materials.
If you move forward, you enter in a route reserved for children which iscalled « Everybody is a chief ».It is a series of puppets, totems, sculptures made of recycled materials. It is an area of "simplistic"works whose presence is mainly due to childrens.

Along the way, wearrive at a first gallery, which is that artists invetees.It's a place where sleeps two to six artists and where Mr. Shasmoukine makes available places to live. Each artist has between five andtwelve rooms to express himself as he desired

After this visit of the first gallery, we are now entering a new path called "The Merry protests”.It is a luminous body of work that meet three themes:habitat, nature and the works.It is a heap of creation of any kind that I invite you to browse. They are called "anarchitecture”. You will discover among other things "the two cyclops." Two columns ofthree meters made from recycled material and topped by an eye each.A little later, while walking, you will find an original pair made of paper mache and stained glass called "Mr. and Mrs. Kitsch"makesby Pierre shasmoukine in nineteen ninety nine .

We are now entering the second set of galleries Called "Za gallery".This gallery welcoming in the past many international visual artists.
But from...