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Read the text below and complete the following tasks. PICTOGRAPHS When we think of written communication, we naturally envisioncomplex systems, such as our alphabet, in which individual letters represent sounds. Or you might think of a character system like Chinese 1) _____, words, or ideas. But long before the development ofthese complex systems, people 2) ______. From prehistoric times people began using pictures, symbols, and signs to record events, keep accounts and convey information. Ancient rock drawings, paintings,and carvings 3)______are an example of very early forms of written communication. The general term for rock drawings and paintings is “pictograph”, 4) ______ specifically to rock carvings. The use ofpictures to convey ideas was, and still is a very effective form of communication, which we continue to use liberally in our modern societies. For example, if you see a red circle with a red diagonalline across it you will recognize this to mean that 5) ______. If there is a picture of a burning cigarette inside the circle, you understand the meaning immediately: Smoking is prohibited here.Pictures are very effective – and universal - form of communication. However, they are limited in their ability to express complex ideas.

1. Five phrases a-f have been removed from the text. Select theappropriate phrase for each gap 1-5 in the text. There is one extra phrase that does not fit. a). were communicating via written forms b). found all over the world c). something is prohibited orforbidden d). in which characters represent syllables e). pictures are common everywhere f). while the term “petroglyphs” refers 2. Complete the sentence below: Pictographs, as means ofcommunication,……………………………………………………..

1. Each of the following sentences contains one error. Identify each of the errors and write the correct form on your exam sheet. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. My brother thinks...