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SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio and Java Development Infrastructure
Karl Kessler
Product Manager, SAP AG


SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio
! Mission Statement ! Eclipse ! Java Dictionary, J2EE Tool Set, Web Dynpro


Java Development Infrastructure
! Component Model ! Design Time Repository ! Component Build Server

 SAP AG 2003, Java201, Karl Kessler / 2

Javadevelopment infrastructure
Mission Statement ! Provide an integrated and robust development infrastructure for Java projects at customer and partner sites as well as for SAP’s own development ! Provide a highly productive Java development environment that
" Covers

the complete life cycle of Java projects " Reduces costs in professional Java projects " Speeds up the Java development process "Increases the overall quality of Java based products

 SAP AG 2003, Java201, Karl Kessler / 3

Complete Set of Development Tools for all aspects of Java Business Applications
SAP delivers an integrated development environment for all aspects of J2EE development User Interface
! Developing flexible web user interfaces with Web Dynpro Tools
Presentation Layer

Web Dynpro
Business LayerE-business logic
! Development and deployment of enterprise Java beans (EJB) ! Definition and publication of web services
J2EE/Web Services
EJB / CMP Common SQLJ* JDBC Database Layer Object Services Open SQL

Java persistence
! Container managed persistence (CMP) ! Embedded SQL in Java (SQLJ) ! Java data objects (JDO)

Creating central data types and database objects (Java dictionary) Designtime support for HTML, XML and XSLT (Validation, Code completion)
 SAP AG 2003, Java201, Karl Kessler / 4

Web Dynpro – Model-driven Architecture

Web Dynpro Tools
# Views # View Hierarchies (pattern-based) # Navigation # Data-binding (Contexts) # Controller interfaces # Model interfaces

Web Dynpro Meta-Data
# Event handler implementation # Error handler implementation # Modelimplementation

Platform-independent Java ABAP

Java Generator Java / J2EE J2EE Runtime

ABAP Generator ABAP / BSP BSP Runtime

 SAP AG 2003, Java201, Karl Kessler / 5

Web Dynpro – Advantages
Web Development for mission critical applications
! Minimal coding, maximal design ! Separation presentation and business logic ! Backend Integration ! Pattern based

Web Dynpro Tools

Web DynproMeta Data

Web Dynpro Runtime

Platform Indepedence
! Runs on all platforms HTML Rendering DOM Local Events

Modern web based UI
! Browser based, „zero footprint“ ! Incremental rendering ! Client Side Framework ! Intelligent Caching ! Personalization ! Accessible

Cache for Layout, Data binding

Web Dynpro Client-side framework Smart Browser (IE 5.5+, NN 7)

 SAP AG 2003,Java201, Karl Kessler / 6

SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio
! Extensible and open IDE based on open source framework Eclipse ! Easy-to-use tools to design, develop, deploy and continuously change mission critical business applications in Java / J2EE ! Focus on graphical tools
J2EE Web Services Web Dynpro Java Dictionary

! Web Services Tools for connectivity based on open standards ! WebDynpro Tools for modeldriven user interface design ! Java Dictionary for centralized data type and data structure management



Integration Framework Eclipse Plugin Framework
 SAP AG 2003, Java201, Karl Kessler / 7

Eclipse: Platform for SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio

SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio

Design Time Repository

Web J2SE Dynpro Tools Tools

J2EE and Web ServiceTools

Java Dictionary Persistence Tools WebDAV

Plug-In Registry Eclipse Platform

 SAP AG 2003, Java201, Karl Kessler / 8

SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio: software layers

Java Dictionary Perspective

J2EE Perspective

Web Dynpro Perspective

UML Modeler Metrics Documentation

J2SE Tools

Model Layer (Graphical Framework)

Eclipse Platform

 SAP AG 2003, Java201, Karl...