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Intermediate Report of the Company Project : Becquet
Our interview being on Friday (that is to say two days after the deadline for the intermediate report), we have tried to do as much as possible in order to collect information on the company. Firstly we need to tell you that we have completely changedour minds and chosen a different company of the one we had initially taken. Now we deal with Becquet, a mail-order textile company, subsidiary of 3 Suisses International SA. That is why we are going to show you in this intermediate report:
* The plan we have been creating so far
* The questions we have for the Marketing Manager of Becquet (who is also an IESEG alumni)
* The parts wehave written so far about the company’s history and the issues of its parent company: 3 Suisses International SA, and also the study of the website layout and catalog.

Our plan concerning the « company project » will be structured as following :
As a first part, we are going to study the marketing strategy of Becquet, which is based on mail order. We are going to analyze how the companymanages to attracts more and more consumers, thanks to a complete internet website, which is the most used way of communication of the company.
In a second part, we will deal with the organization of the company, that is to say the actions which are taken in order to improve the productivity in a company whose main activity is mail order. Becquet is composed of about three hundred employees, so we willdetail as much as possible its structure. We are also going to study the way the company hires. We will deal with the company’s philosophy, i.e. the valor that the company wants to give to its employees, and also the image to give to the consumers, what is very important for a mail order company.
As a third part, the production of the company is going to be detailed, meaning where the productsare produced, the decisions taken concerning the new products, the number of products related to the market situation…
To sum up, the plan is: communication / organization / production.


Becquet was created forty years ago and is based in La Chapelle d’Armentières and Roubaix, next to Lille. As a lot of itscompetitors, like for example Quelle, Neckermann, la Redoute or Blanche Porte, Becquet is a mail-order company based in the North of France. Its main products are house textile, but they also sell kitchen furniture and accessories.
Becquet was acquired in the late 1980’s by 3 Suisses International SA, at a point where they decided to concentrate their development only on mail-order by creating andacquiring new subsidiaries. This period is also a synonym of reinforcement in the textile department of 3 Suisses International SA, in order to fight against Chinese competitors, which keep getting.
In order to resituate Becquet in the whole 3 Suisses International SA structure, we will firstly introduce you to its parent company.

3 Suisses International (3SI) was created in 1936 by XavierToulemonde and now employs about 13,150 collaborators producing a turnover which amount reaches about €3,7 billion. This company manages twenty-five subsidiaries spread in different sectors which can go from mail-order (like 3suisses, Becquet, or Helline) products for women, family and housing, to financial services (Cofidis for Example), Office services (Otto) or Company services. The firm also now beginsto be interested with C2C (Customer-to-customer, or Consumer-to-consumer) subsidiaries and consequently bought recently Thus, 3SI is present in twelve European Countries (France and essentially eastern European countries like Romania or Ukraine), plus Tunisia and China outside Europe.

As we...