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The scene takes place in the 20th century. The film begins in Pennsylvania during a funeral. After the burial the family decides to go in. At the station Samuel LAAP goes to the toilet and sees the murder of a man by a black man. After the murder, the police comesand an inspector asks the shocked boy but he can’t give precise answer. He just says than the murder is a black. So the inspector takes alongthe family to his sister’s house. The following days John BOOK shows suspect pictures to Samuel but he doesn’t recognize the murder and at amoment he shows the picture of the murder in a window: the murder is a great policeman. So goes directly at thepolice chief and they speak about this revelation but the police chief answers than the policeman who is suspect to be the murder is in holydayin Florida. This words shows than the police chief is an accomplice of the murder. After this lie of the police chief the inspector returnsto the police station and in the parking he meets the murder and they exchange shots John BOOK is touched twice times. And he goes to hissister’s home and takes along the Amish family to them village. The inspector takes place in the community and reinforces the link betweenSamuel and Rachel. But some time later the police chief, the murder and an man come for kill John BOOK. But he kills them and the justice was made.
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