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What is the Arab World Institute ?

The Arab World Institute (AWI) was founded in 1980, a result of a partnership between France and 22 Arab countries. The building was opened in1987. The aim of the AWI, officially recognised as being of public interest, is to develop knowledge of the Arab world, and to promote its culture and civilisation in France and the rest of Europe.

TheAWI is situated between Paris VI University in Place Jussieu and the banks of Seine, and was built on a site of great historic interest where once stood la porte Saint-Bernard (the Saint BernardGate), l’abbaye Saint-Victor (the Abbey of Saint Victor) and la Halle aux vins (the wine market). Several architects collaborated in its creation (Jean Nouvel, Gilbert Lezenes, Pierre Soria andArchitecture Studio), and the AWI is a symbolic fusion, where Eastern and Western architectural concepts come together, creating a bridge between and ancient and modern. Looking beyond its strikingly modernconstru_ ction of glass and aluminium, are many architectural elements characteristic of Eastern traditions – the moucharaby, latticed windows of the south façade, the ryad, interior courtyard, theziggurat, pyramid-shaped roof of the book tower – reinterpreted along new lines. The terrace, on the 9th floor, offers an exceptional view over Paris. The temporary museum A renovated museum will open inspring 2011. During the renovation work, the

temporary museum aims to give visitors an idea of the Arab-Muslim civilization and its art, by showing its sources, its formation and its flowering. Itpresents pieces (bas-reliefs, statues, ceramics, miniatures, carpets, textiles, jewellery …) which are organized by themes that relate to the living environment and the way of life, knowledge andbeliefs, professions and philosophy. Open from 10am to 6pm every day except Monday Entrance : Level 1 Tickets : Level 0 Prices : 6€, 4€ (concessions) The AWI Library is a collection of documents unique...
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