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Hi, my name is Zozo. (it’s my nickname)
I am French/ I come from France.
I live in France.
My favourite music is…..
I like travelling. (going round the World)
I already visited various countriessuch as: Germany, Spain, Italy… Europe

I am willing to set up my own business in Communication. (intention & volonté)
I would like to sell clothes (souhait)
And offer various types of services.Present tense

Present simple

What do you like?
I like travelling.

| |
|I like travelling |


What do you do every Sunday? What does he do every Sunday?
Every Sunday, I sleep. (Habit) He sleeps (sleep)Every morning, I go to work. (Habit) (go)
She goes (go)


Every Saturday, I visit museums.
He visits museums.

Every Monday, she tries. (try)


|I |See|Sleep |Gaze at you |Drive |Cry |Speak |Dress |
|You |See |Sleep |Gaze at me|Drive |Cry |Speak |Dress |
|He/she/it |Sees |Sleeps |Gazes |Drives |Cries|Speaks |Dresses |
| | | | | | | ||
|We |See |Sleep |Gaze at you |Drive |Cry |Speak |Dress |
|You |See |Sleep|Gaze at me |Drive |Cry |Speak |Dress |
|They |See |Sleep |Gaze at you |Drive...