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Nestlé S. A. (anonymous corporation)is a private enterprise and is a Swissmultinational corporation, the biggest food processing corporation to the world, producing a wide range of products and of drinks, for the human nutrition and the animal nutrition.

1866 inventionof the milk concentrated by George Page

1867 the Swiss pharmacist of German origin, Henri Nestlé, inventes milky flour destined to nourish the newborn ones that the mothers cannot suckle.

In1875, he sells his personal business for some to do the new one the « Farine Lactée Henri Nestlé Company »

1905 Mergers of the two concepts of the concentrated milk of George Page and infantile milkof Henri Nestlé creating the Nestlé and Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company

1929 the company merged with Peter Cailler Kohler, inventor of the chocolate to the milk

1938 she invents the nescafé1947 nestlé merges with Alimentana (Maggi) inventor of the dehydrated soups

Of 1950 to 2000 the corporation obtains several brands such as: Perrier, Vittel, Buitoni...

These days thecorporation Nestlé is present on several markets:
-Market of the products for animals: ex : Purina
-Market of clogged waters: ex: San Pelligrino
and Aquarel...
-Market of the frozen creams: ex:Dreyers
-Market of the nutrition: ex: Jenny Craig

The activities
So the chocolate, the candy stores, waters, the immediate drinks, the fresh dairy products came to complete the activities ofNestlé progressively of his growth, in Switzerland as abroad.

The figures keys
1st world-wide food group, Nestlé groups together more than 280 000 assistants, 456 industrial sites in 84 countriesand 28 centers of research.
Corporate headquarters is situated to Vevey in Switzerland. Her sales of 2009 place Nestlé to the 48E world-wide row of the biggest businesses.