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Business Policy
The SWOT Analysis
In this SWOT analysis, we chose the company Sephora because its situation seems perfect for this kind of study.
We will first tell you about thebrand and the company; then we will proceed to the SWOT analysis by pointing out the: - Strengths
Weaknesses -Opportunities
Threats Our work will end with the strategies todevelop according to the SWOT.
The presentation:
Sephora is a chain of stores specialized in cosmetics (skincare, make-up, fragrance…), international and small brands are sold as well as Sephora’sown private label.
Sephora used to belong to the British group Boots. The first Sephora shop was opened in Paris in 1969. In 1997, the internationally known group LVMH (Moët Henessy Louis Vuitton)bought the shops and few years after, the leaders decided to export the concept and to open Sephora stores around the globe.
They are more than 1000 Sephora around the world (250 in France) and theturnover of the company is around 2 billion Euros in 2007.
The SWOT Analysis:
This part is divided into 4 categories following the SWOT criteria.
Internal Analysis:
The Strengths:
Morethan 1000 shops worldwide: a real success.
Sephora is at the origin of the beauty bars, the places you can come and benefit from skincare and beauty advice on the premises.
Thecustomers are thanked by a tailor made loyalty program, 3 colors of cards available.
Sephora’s own private label, the range has become a reference in the world of cosmectics.
TheWebsite: leader on-line, n°1 for the sales of cosmectics in France.
Miracle products are sold in exclusivity and some of them have become world best-sellers (the “StriVectin-SD).
The selective distribution department raises problem: it is taken away from the other group's job but the levels of growth and margin are also disappointing, considered as a second...