Shakespeare a midsummernights dream

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Shakespear : A midsummer night’s dream

Plan 1 :
De : “Now fait Hermia…..
À : For aye austerity and single life”

I The marriage between Theseus and Hippolyta

A) A marriage that will bring harmony
-Theseus is impatient for this harmony
-Theseus fought for Hermia’s love, now he will marry her in peace and harmony
-Hippolyta is patient, she tells Theseus that the time will pass quickB) Passion and enjoyment
-Theseus sends someone to tell the Athenians to prepare the marriage

C)The ambivalence of the moon
-Cupid’s bow ( Love
-Diane’s bow ( Chastity
-Cycle of the moon = Cycle of the woman
-Unstable ( Theseus who had many wives

II A forced love between Hermia and Demetrius

A) Passion opposed to Reason
-Hermia loves Lysander ( passion
-Hermia should loveDemetrius ( Reason, law and order ( power of Egeus)
- Theseus and Egeus represent law and order as well as the city of Athens ( Goddess Athena( goddess of order and the law

B) The power of Egeus
- Hermia must love Demetrius, otherwise she will die or she will be a nun
-Egeus has the power to decide for his daughter
-Egeus possesses his daughter, Hermia is an object

Plan 2

De : “ Relent,sweet Hermia….
À : There comes Helena”

I The personages of Lysander and Demetrius
A) Comparison of the 2 characters
-Comparison between the 2 : nobility and richness
-Lysander is as noble and rich as Demetrius, he too he can be a good candidate for Hermia’s love

B) 2 Characters that are different
- Lysander makes fun of Demetrius ( will you marry him ?
- Demetriusis unstable and unreliable( He left Helena
- Hermia is in love with Lysander

II Theseus’ point of view about the forced marriage

A) Demetrius indeed cheated on Helena
- Everybody heard about it
- Lysander would be a better lover, because he is more stable

B) He want’s Egeus to change his mind
- He wants to speak to them privately
- He makes up an excuse to gosomewhere else to talk to them
- He concerns them in merriments buisiness

III A Real love between Hermia and Lysander

A) They complete eachother
- They feel what the other wants to say
- A kind of Telekineses

B) The Oath of Hermia
- Rimes( purity
- Not just a simple response, but a poetical answer

C) They want to elope the “hell” of Athens
-Athens // Forest
- Athens represents law and order
- The forest represents peace, quietness, mystery, nature

Plan 3

De : “ God speed fair Helena….
À : “ And back again”

I) Beauty of the two woman

A) Fairness, Beauty
- Rimes and rhytem

B) Helena wants to be like Hermia
- Symmetry between these woman, it’s like if they are placed before a mirrorII) The Nature and it’s beauty

A) The moon
- phoebe ( the moon goddess
- Midnight ( moment between tomorrow and yesterday
- Midnight ( Most magical moment

B) The future in the forest where the lovers will go
- New friends are already announced
- We already know what they will meet in the forrest

III) Love

A) Love is magical
- It can transformanything

B) But love is also inconsistent
- Impossible to decide who we fall in love with
- Strange “ I do not know by what power I made bold”
- Makes you do weird thing( Elope far away for exemple

C) Betrayal of Helena
- She want’s Demetrius to love her, so she betrays on her best friend. This will make Demetrius happy and gracefull.
- Helena betrays her bestfriend, indeed they spend their whole childhood together

Act 1 Scene 2

I New characters

A) Amateurs
-amateurs, craftsmen (not able to play in plays
-they speak in prose instead of in rimes ( scene 1)

B) Bottom VS Quince
-tension ( bottom wants to be the leader of the group
- quince : serious
-bottom : exagorating, joking
takes over...