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Shakespeare William was born in Stratford –Upon-Avon, England, the 23rd of April 1564.
It is a very popular tourist destination, and the city earns about 25million pounds every year. This makes a few of the 30.000 inhabitants unemployed.

He was the 3rd out of 8 children, so they were a big family of 10. His father, JohnShakespeare, worked as a Glover and a wool dealer. And his mother, Mary Arden, was a farmer’s daughter. Shakespeare went to a free grammar school from the age 7 to14, in Stratford-upon-Avon.

When he was 18, he married Ann Hathaway, who was 7 years older than him. They got 3 children, Susanne, Hamnet and Judith. Hamnet andJudith were twins, but Judith died during her childhood. 5 years later he moved to London to become and actor, and leaves his family.

In the beginning,Shakespeare took care of horses to earn money, and later he started to work as a prompter. In the end he became a theatre manager for “The Globe” and “Black friars’theatre.” Shakespeare has written 37 or 39 plays and his first play is called “Henry VI”, but he has also written plays like “The merry wives of Windsor”, “Much ado aboutnothing” and “All is well that ends well.” The most famous plays he has written are the tragedy “Romeo and Juliet” and of course “Hamlet” and “A midsummer nightsdream.” As well, he has written many sonnets. Even the queen liked him, and she requested plays from him, that would be played in the Windsor Castle. This made him evenmore famous.

Years later he moved back to Stratford, and later he died here on the same day as he was born, 1616. Now he is buried in “The Holy Trinity Church.”