Shool, money and grades

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Improving school resultsLet's focus on getting the facts first:Like his predecessor, New York City's former mayor, Rudy Giuliani, Mr, Bloomberg is eager to solve an issue that is a matter ofconsiderable public concern. While Mr. Giuliani fought urban crime by instituting a new policy of zero tolerance, Mr. Bloomberg wants to come to grips with the notoriously low standards of education in NewYork City's state schools by using new as well as unexpected methods.Although, the current mayor shunned the most radical option – vouchers that allow parents to shop around beyond the public-schoolssystem for their children's education – he intends to be tough and to close the schools that will not meet the goals that he has set for them. And as Mr. Giuliani's efficiency against crime turned NYCinto an example that was admired and followed world wide, the town is now giving a lead in education thanks to Mr. Bloomberg's initiatives. Both politicians (Mr. Bloomberg and Mr. Giuliani) had – Mr.Bloomberg still has – to deal with issues that, like a pandemic, spread to the whole world. An issue is then raised : How can the performance of schools, whether public or private, be improved? Tobegin with, I would like to highlight the fact that, whether one likes it or not, there is a huge discrepancy between public and state schools especially as far as budget is concerned, But let'spretend this gap does not exist,One could think, at first, that poor results merely mean that expectations are too high and that the curriculum is not appropriate. Granted this point, it seems crystalclear that rethinking what is taught at school, thus reducing the size of the curriculum, should prove crucial in making proficient learners our of students. As far as I can tell, I was appalled at howlightweight the curriculum has become in certain grades. However, it cannot possibly be a local solution since every school of a country has, in theory, to obey national rules in order to bring their...