Shopping : differences between boys and girls

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Men Buy, Women Shop


Men Buy, Women Shop
I/ Observation
1) Methodology 2) Analysis Results
a) Frame reference b) General observations and theory

II/ Observation vs interviews1) Methodology 2) Results

- Goal of our presentation : to compare the difference in the buying process for clothes, between men and women, based on a follow up observation. - Buyingclothes : involving act Buying behaviors are more or less rational according to each one.

I/ Observation 1) Methodology
- 7 women / 7 men - 2 stores : H&M and ZARA - Method : passive observation: Being discreet to not influence them - Interview of a few people : motivation and feelings

I/ Observation
2 ) Analysis Results a) Frame Reference
Main trends of the results of the observationCriteria : - Shop window observation - Companion - Tour of the shop at the entrance - Interested only by the desired garment - Number of items looked at - Number of clothes tried on

I/ Observation2 ) Analysis Results a) Frame Reference
- Hesitating moment in front of an item, buying decision - Advice of the companion - Asking advice to the salesperson - Importance of price on the buyingdecision - Strolling - Number of items bought - Awareness of special offers - Time Spent in the shop

I/ Observation
2 ) Analysis Results b) General observations and theory
- Huge differencesbetween men and women - Shopping for men : chore, fastidious, has to be fast, goal : buy on or two (max 4) interested garments, practical - Shopping for women : hobby, emotional, strolling, « justlooking », compulsive/impulsive shopping

II/ Observation vs interview
1) Methodology
- Compare observation method and qualitative interview -2 men / 2 women

II/ Observation vs interview
2) Results
-Observation of the other customers : individuals are very attentive to the choice of the other customers in the shop. They look at people similar to them trying to follow their choices as they can...