Should parents interfere with their children's choices?

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  • Publié le : 24 novembre 2010
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Parents, are ready to sacrifice the little freedom they have for us teenagers. We are now approaching the age of 18, the age of independence and we all have to makegreat decisions but what are our parents position, should they get in the way of their children or not? Obviously they must do both but the hardest part in all thisis to figure out what is best for us.
On the one hand, they must be authoritarian, they must put us on the right path. They have to use their life experience inorder to make sure we do the right thing. For example if your child wants to study a program in University that only offers very few working opportunities such asbeing an artist, unless he is gifted, I personally think parents should interfere and direct him towards a different program offering a better breakthrough.
On theother hand, they must let us start our life and let us make our own decisions, we have to learn how to be autonomous and this implies success and failure. It is the onlyway to build our life. Any experience is always positive for us in the end, it gives to all of us life experience and maturity. It permits us to learn what is rightand wrong and not to repeat the same mistakes.
The question is not about parents interfering with their children’s choices. The real question is: are parents readyto let their children go? I think parents in today’s western society are more likely to interfere with their children’s choices because they are not ready to see usgo. In conclusion the real difficulty for parents is to accept the fact that their children are no longer children, they have to soar in order to become adults.