Should parents interfere with their children

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Do you think that a radio or TV programmed could cause such collective panic today? Why or Why not?

The 30 October 1938, On CBS to the radio, a broadcast presents an adaptation from “The War ofthe Worlds” by H.G Wells. In the broadcast, the presenter announced a false information that would be an invasion of aliens. Actually, the terrible new was an entertainment performed by actors.Regrettably, a lot of people have believed to the Martians attack, and therefore was panicked.

During the 1930 years, the only way to get informed was the radio. But people listened it also to amuse.Families often gathered around the radio, as the families gathered around the TV today. They listened music, reports, or games. Peoples did not think that they could be deceived by radio media. Formany of us, this is the only way to keep contact with outside world. Fir sable, because the newspapers did not delivered information in live, and second able, because television or othertechnologies like internet still do not exist, so they trust the radio.
Nowadays, everything is different. Indeed, today we have got many mediums to get in formations. We still using radio, but it has a lessimportant impact on population. They are a lot of different newspapers, for some of us they are two editions day, the morning and the evening. Other than newspapers, there is internet information,offering many different source of information, constantly update. But the most influencing and reliable way to get info formed is television. Today everybody watches television broadcast news, thereeven are specialized channels in information. So when there is information as important as a Martians attack, the news is everywhere, on radio, TV, newspapers and internet. Making that if aninformation source cheats like CBS in 1938, it’s not credible because of the others information source.

To my mind, I do not think that Radio or Tv programme could cause a collective panic like the...