Should parents interfere with their children

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Should parents interfere with their children’s choices?

According to me, parents should not interfere with their children’s choice. Indeed, children must be self-sufficient sothey must learn from their own mistakes. Moreover, this is children’s life, so they should lead it the way they want. They have to make their own choices, and make their own lifeexperiences. In my opinion, parents should not be a hurdle to their children’s ambition. If your child wants to play the piano or do a job that you hate, let him do it! Overprotectingyour children is not a good idea, because this will have the opposite effect: your children will not be fulfilled as he should. Finally, there may also be a risk that parents projecttheir desires on their children. Indeed, they may want to realize their dreams unfinished through their children, as if it was a second chance for them.

On the other hand, parentshave a guiding role to perform. As they must educate their children, they must assist them in their choices. Concerning education, I think that parents have to give to theirchildren the better education as possible so that they could become what they want and realize their dreams. Moreover, parents are here to remind their children about when they do somethingstupid and to remind them that this is not the way to have the job of their dreams, or whatever. Indeed, parents do not want their children to make the same mistakes they did! Theirlife experience has to help their children in their choices! So, is this a good thing, for instance, to send your child to boarding schools against his will? If parents think thattheir children’s future will be better following this decision, I agree this decision! Finally, what counts is the child’s happiness, even if he does not understand it right now.