Sigmund freud

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Sigmund Freud: A Revolution
It is an axiomatic truth today that Sigmund Freud, one of the most famous psychoanalysts, has revolutionized the humanperception and has made an indelible difference in psyche. If today we can understand the meaning of our dreams, it is because of Sigmund Freud. If today weconsider madness as an illness rather than a curse, it is because of Sigmund Freud. The list goes on and on. He advanced the study of the mind and how itworks. What Sigmund Freud thought didn’t just affect the medicine profession, it affected everything around also.
His studies, thoughts and philosophies madepeople aware of how influential our relationships with others are. He “destroyed” the rigid divisions between sick and healthy, conscious and unconscious,will and accident, and philosophy and medicine. One of his greatest achievements was his ability to change society’s perception towards mental illness.People long ago thought that mental illness was organic but Sigmund Freud changed that. He made the line between insane and sane blurred and proved the factthat anyone could have a mental illness because of inner conflicts and childhood traumas.
Sigmund Freud also showed a new way to decipher behavior,motives, desires and beliefs buried in the unconscious that controlled and “manipulates” the conscious and way of thinking. Back in the 20th century, the onlything society was concerned about was perfection. If one person was different, they would be seen as an outcast to society. Sigmund Freud changed all that!