Signs from heaven

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Star Trek™: Corps of Engineers
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Chapter 1
Captain’s Log, Stardate 54683.2. We’ve arrived in orbit around one of the Federation’s oldest memberplanets, Ardana. Our mission is to prevent Stratos—Ardana’s infamous floating city—from crashing down on the populace below. Our first order of business is to stabilize the city’s descent before any work can be done on repairing the anti-gravity engines. Chief Engineer Conlon is working on using theda Vinci’stractor beam as a safety net to test last-minute safeguards. “Captain.”The newly promotedLieutenant Songmin Wong spoke up. “We’re being hailed from Ardana—it’s Captain Scott.” Captain David Gold pulled his lips into a thin line as he saved his log. “On screen.” The familiar and easygoing supervisor of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers filled the screen. He smiled broadly beneath his bushy, salt-and-pepper mustache.“Ah, David. We’ve got to stop meeting like this.” Gold chuckled. “Seemslike only last month we were chasing Rod Portlyn around the galaxy.” “Aye—I still haven’t made it back to Earth since then. Not when this came up. You lot made record

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time.” “Because I have the best crew in the Corps, Scotty. I only hope you and those other engineers haven’t mucked things up.” “No, no. TheEdisonleftyesterday once we knew you were available.” “How is Commander Alverson?” Captain Gold had received Captain Scott’s change of assignment orders three days ago, along with a couriered package, diverting he and theda Vinci from a mining colony on K’lny to the floating city of Ardana. TheEdison ’s first officer had taken a dagger in the chest while exploring Stratos, releasing a trap set by a groupof revolutionaries known as the Disruptors, more than a century ago. “Dr. Balboa said it was close—the dagger nicked the heart bad enough that they headed for Starbase 375 and their surgical specialists at warp nine.” Gold frowned. He wasn’t pleased about the possibility of other traps laying in wait throughout the abandoned city. Stratos had remained empty until an abrupt drop during one of the...
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