Slumdog millionnaire

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Slumdog Millionnaire

Slumdog Millionaire is a 2008 British film realized by Danny Boyle. It is a dramatic comedy, with as main actors: Dev. Patel, Freida Pinto… (24)
The film starts on a turningof the Indian version of the emission “Qui veut gagner des millions ? ”. The moderator is Prem. KUMAR and the player is certain Jamal Malik. It is an orphan, he is 18 years, he lives in the slums ofMumbai. He has already won Rs.10,000,000 and has made it to the final question, for Rs. 20,000,000, scheduled for the next day. As it has a turbid past, Prem Kumar who is jealous of the success of thisyoung man, the police now suspect Jamal of cheating. (70)
It is there that the history begins, with the police station, the police inspector seeks to make acknowledge in Jamal to have to cheat.Indeed, whereas professors or academics do not manage to answer the question at 16,000 rupees, Jamal, simple waiter of tea without education, reached 10,000,000 rupees and is on the point of answering thelast question, of 20,000,000 of rupees. Jamal refuses to acknowledge a cheating, Jamal explains that he knew the answers to most of the questions merely by chance, because of things that had happenedin his life, events conveyed in a series of flashbacks to his childhood. All the questions corresponds to a passage of its life, of its past and of its experiments since its childhood until theinscription with the play :
Jamal has a brother, Salim, they lived in the heaps of refuse of Mumbay and the airport. One day when a famous actor arrive in his city, Amitabh Bachchan, small Jamal has theprivilege to have an autograph, which enabled him to answer the first question of the play. “Who was the star in the 1973 hit film Zangeer ? ” . For the second question, Jmal take the joker : theopinion of the public. The third question is : « What weapon does Lord Rama hold in his right hand? ». It lost his mother in a riot, it is in this riot that it sees a representative of this divinity.In...
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