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Slumdog millionaire: Synopsis

Slumdog millionaire is a British movie directed by Danny Boyle. It was inspired by the novel « Q & A» which was written in 2005 by Vikas Swarup. The main actorsare Dev Patel aka Jamal Malik and Freido Pindro aka Latika.This story deals with a young Indian man who is about to win "Kaun Banega Crorepati?" The Indian version of the television game « Who wantsto be a millionaire? ».After having answered all the questions, he is one question away from the ultimate success .Unfortunately he is immediately arrested by the police since he is suspected ofcheating, they are wondering how a 18 year-old orphan with no education can have so many culture. During his questioning, he tries to justify his knowledge by telling his story, his life, his experienceand his struggles. He evokes the way he fell in love with a young woman, he relates his childhood in the slums of Mumbai and other adventures…

Several themes are exposed in this movie, Humanvs. corruption, Human vs. exploitation, Human vs. life but also Love. As viewers we have the pleasure to discover alien landscapes, moreover “light” and “music” help to enhance the drama. Actually evenif squalor dust and trash compose mainly the set, we are absorbed by the atmosphere.Although the landscape is dirty, the movie is colorful, and even if the main character is socially poor, he is richof knowledge and innocence.

Slumdog millionaire reveals a negative image of India by showing us misery and poverty. It didn’t require a big budget but it brought millions of dollars tothe film production. It won fame through several academic Awards, and also Oscars. However I am not sure this movie has only positive impacts, for example young children acting in this movie came backto their slums, basically, they were living a fairy tale and suddenly, they had to come back to reality and the harshness of their daily life. It can seem naïve but it would have been hopeful and...