Soccer psycgology

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Sources of confidence.

1) Repetition, practice, progression leads to confidence.
(familiarity… I’ve seen this, I know this, I can do this)

2) Models/ demos (people you watch)
(he or she cando it, so can I)

3) Imagery experiences (visualization)
What do you see in your own head? Envision strength, speed, power, agility.
See, hear, feel yourself succeed.

4) Feed back, self talk.You can do this! What kind of things do you tell yourself?
Be future focused, concentrate on what you can control “next time”

What is motivation?
Persistent effort, good choices, focus builtover time. The choice to persist, to stay for the long haul.

Belief in progress, ability, mission (buying into the culture/ ethos of the team)

Perceptions of control , self determination (players:control your performance, you cannot control how you are judged- except how you judge yourself)

Give players ownership, accountability, responsibility

Coach_ talk about performance, notwinning!

Write down your goals for the season (at least 3 performance goals for each outcome goal) Ex. of outcome goals: scoring 10-15 goals, being a leader on the field.Ex. ofperformance goals (the more measurable, the better!): For scoring, focus on how many times you can hit the side net out of 10 shots; for leadership, note how many times in practice you help your backsmark up through communication. Persistence is key here! Progress is built over the long haul. Measuring, charting performance goals can help you stay on track. Over time, you will note yourimprovement.
Write down your goals for the week (i.e. developing better first touch, not giving the ball away,being positive to teammates, always hustling) and how you might get there (i.e. getting your headup early, turning away from pressure, saying at least one compliment to each teammate every day, playing game speed during every drill)
Chart juggling progress (what’s your high?) or accuracy...