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“ Social Networking, ZE new tendency!”
A Social Network is a structure build up on the web in order to create friendships, share common interest, keep contact and many other options. But socialnetwork can keep plenty of secrets that sometime reveal themselves in public too late.
Nowadays, in 2010, the Internet became THE place to be. The Internet is full of forums, social networks such asMyspace, Facebook, Twitter; places where you follow your friends, share your pictures, sharing sometimes too much…however, social networks become the virtual place to be on this place we call earth.Research made by Jeffrey Rosen, a law professor at George Washington University found that people may have “unacceptable behaviors” what is meant by “unacceptable behaviors” is pictures that shouldn’tbe shared on the web…maybe, it’s called being unprofessional.
Therefore it’s proven that social networks have advantages and disadvantages, in terms of private information and professionally.The good thing about Facebook and others forums is that it keeps you in contact with you relatives, your oldest friends from other schools, and helps you meet new people. You can even create you ownsocial network such as your own school with all your teachers and your classmates. But since its personal, unfortunately you might share something you didn’t think would be too much. As a result peoplemay feel over exposed by networkers tagging others. Also abusers, such as pedophiles are constantly on the Web, which is nothing new.
The professional part has also some issues. Social networks forbusiness is really important, such as advertising to get people to know a company working via Internet. Better ways to share ideas, finding job offers but a lot of others advantages that social workingadds up. On the other hand, it’s possible to meet the wrong people at the wrong time, such as porn, basically people looking for new actors ?!
It’s clear that we live in a world where now...
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