Social violence

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Social Violence
To better understand the social violence term, we are going to check the sense of the word in a dictionary: So, the word "violence" is an act by which is applied this strength,either to act on somebody or make him act against its will... So we can conclude that the violence concerns any human trespass to person. It results either from the nature of the man, or from the sociallife and from its constraints.
We are going to interest us to a more precise term: the Social violence. What it concerns? The social violence, it is the violence that the nature bound with theorganization of the social life, the organization of the life in society.
About violence, we often have a quite made representation; it is what exists in the state of war but also thousands of cars burnedduring the riots of suburbs in France. The violence, it is the group of this class of phenomena that strikes our peace in most sentiment...
Between the open war and the constant pressure in theconsumption, we see that the realities that the functioning of the capitalism sends back are rather different. Nevertheless, in both cases, they are forms of social violence, resulting “from the social lifeand from its constraints” as specified it the initial definition. It is to say, under another shape, that the notion of social violence is a polyform notion sending back to extremely differentiatedsocial realities.
According our experience, media inform us that we live in an insecure society. We can quote some social violence particularly present in our society, nowadays:
- The rate ofcriminality which climbs
- Horrible rapes every days or more recently the famous rotating in cities
- A consumption of drugs in constant increase.
- Attacks against the persons and the violence in thestreet
- The death of numerous women after conjugal violence

Regrettably, we hear every day something about this violence in France but there are others types of violence that we can consider as...
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