Solar shingles

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Solar Shingle Setups
As an aside solar shingles wired to the electric grid, electric utilities are legally required to pay you for energy you feed into the grid in many areas. While investor ownedpublic utilities are legally required to allow users to feed energy back into the grid for a credit, there are energy cooperatives in rural areas exempt from this law. It is always wise to consultyour local electric utility before installing solar shingles.
Another type of solar shingle setup employs a large pack of batteries to store excess energy during periods in which production exceedsusage, using battery power to run your home when production is less than consumption. This type of system may allow you to retain power when your local utility is experiencing a power outage.
CostOlder solar shingle designs were more expensive to install than traditional PV panels, but new, more efficient designs such as thin-film copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) cells can be installed in10 hours, compared with the 22 to 30 hours required for the installation of traditional panels. The lower cost of installation dramatically reduces the cost of solar power implementation.
Largehomebuilders in California like Lennar are partnering with SunPower to offer new construction solar homes that have solar systems installed prior to moving in. Reducing the overhead and using solar rooftile technology makes solar a standard option like granite countertops, making solar an affordable solution to reduce electricity costs

Tuile solaire : coût
Le coût de l’installation de tuilessolaires est très raisonnable grâce aux avantages et aides financières dont bénéficie le matériau :
• Un crédit d’impôt de 50% du prix d’achat
• Un taux de TVA réduit
• Des aides financières selonles régions
• La possibilité de revendre le surplus électrique produit à EDF

• Investissement rentable : en revendant le surplus d’électricité à EDF, l’installation de tuiles solaires est un...