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Step 1: anticipationHow can I make my dialogue authentic and elaborate? | Step 2: studying examplesCompare two versions of the same dialogue.The situation: Laurie and Jenny are two friends.Laurie reproaches her friend Jenny with staying in front of her computer for too long.dialogue number 1"Jenny, you are in front of your computer again !”“Yes. I’m justfinishing typing this message to a new French friend that I met in a chat room two days ago.”“I can’t understand you Jenny. You keep yourself locked up in your room, you forget about your real life friends. You’ve become a hermit.”“No !”“how much time do you spend in front of your computer ?”“I don’t know. But you’re wrong, Laurie. The net has not turned me into a hermit, on the contrary, now I talk tothe world.”“No, Jenny, you talk to your screen. I don’t understand you. I can’t stand staying in all day.”“I can’t stand it either.”“How long has it been since you last went to the movies ? When did you last watch TV, read a magazine, or go to the mall ?”“ Oh, Laurie, live with your time ! I don’t have to watch TV or buy a magazine : I can find everything I need on the web.”“it’s not true.”“Youdon’t believe me ? Look, I just saved an article a few minutes ago I’m going to use for our English essay. And my French friend has mailed me a picture of himself : what do you think ?”“Wow ! Er, Jenny, could you teach me to do research on the Web ?” | Step 3: re-order a dialoguespot the short answers, find the corresponding questions and re-order the dialogue.“Did you? How’s she?”“Didn’tyou?”“Yes, it is. I’ve just been shopping.”“Hello, it’s a lovely day, isn’t it?”“No, I didn’t know”.“Have you? Did you buy much?”“Oh, very well. You know she had a baby last month?”“No, I didn’t. But I met Jane”. |

Step 4: complete a dialogue: short answers and gap-fillersThis dialogue is complete, but for the short answers and gap fillers, write them. A and B are two friends, B was supposed to post aletter for A.“ You did remember to post that letter for me, didn’t you?”“Oh, . .............! No, ..............., I completely forgot to do it!”“.............?”“No, ............., I’m sorry. ................. I can drop it in the post office for you on my way home”“I’d rather you didn’t, I will take it myself”“No,no,no, I’ll go, it’s no trouble”“Now ............., I said I would go, I’m not sure Ican trust you now”“Oh, ............., don’t be so severe...” | Step 5: complete a dialogue: introductory verbs.Copy your dialogue and add some introductory verbs. | Step 6: complete a correction from the “baccalauréat”.Complete this correction to make the dialogue richer and more authentic.The situation:Bill and Mrs Bryson: the parentsJerry: the son.Jerry is back home after 3 months atuniversity.Bill Bryson’s family is gathered around the dinner table to enjoy their Thanksgiving meal.“Hmm, Mom, this turkey tastes great!”, Jerry, Bill’s eldest son said, “It’s so much better than the university food! Can I have some more cranberry sauce, please?”“Of course, you can sweetheart,” Mrs Bryson said, with a beautiful smile and a little voice.“It feels so good to be home!” Jerry answered “I’vemissed you, Mom! And you too, Dad!”“Have you? Oh, isn’t he cute?” Mrs Bryson asked . “We’re so glad to have you back, aren’t we, Bill?”“Of course we are” Bill said “ In fact, I’d like you to help me take the Christmas decorations down from the attic tomorrow morning.”“Tomorrow? he asked , I’m sorry Dad, I can’t, I’ll be away all day, visiting my friends…”, Jerry said whit sad aparence VOUS N’ETES PASSURE DE CETTE FORMULE: IL VAUT MIEUX NE RIEN METTRE, JUSTE LE VERBE INTRODUCTEUR QUE VOUS MAITRISEZ BIEN“.................................................................... You’ve just arrived and you’re already out?”, Bill asked“Yes I are, Dad! I haven’t seen my friends for three months!”“Bill, can’t you just leave him be?”, Mrs Bryson said, looking at her husband reproachfully.And Jerry...