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ESSAY: “Public speaking is a real art and is reserved solely for the experts”. Discuss your reaction and what you think you personally have got to do tobecome a proficient public speaker.

Public speaking is the faculty for one person to express himself in front of assembly of persons that he doesn’t know not necessarily.It is true to think that it is reserved solely for the experts because for do that, this person should be valiant, eloquent and courageous. When we look, whatsoever aroundus or TV, public speakers are generally journalists, politicians or their spokesman, professors, in short all those who have been trained for that and who have learned thesequalities. Journalists have learned this to journalism school and politicians such as presidents of countries are became experts by dint of practice. But, is it that thereonly this category of this person who can do this?
At school for example, students must often do the presentations in front of their class; but for each student, there was afirst time and at this moment he don’t need to be an expert to speak in front of her comrades; it is true he will just make a presentation, but will express himself still inpublic. It is the same thing for the people who must speak for first time to toast during marriage, or to speak for bereavement or other. In fact, it is by dint of practicethat one becomes an expert. Then we should speak in public a first time even though we are poor, with a time, we will improve us.
So I think that to become a proficient publicspeaker, I should learn to be eloquent, and I must train to do more presentations to remove the fear and become more courageous and more comfortable in front of public.
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