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If I was american

I would been born in L.A. in California. I would been gone in high school and I would have a lots of friends with which I wouldlive my little dramas about friendship and love and hair. I would shop all the time, and I would been gone in beach every day, and do party every night.I would have a great car, convertible, of course. I would gone to prom ball with my cute boyfriend and for the occasion, I would wear a gorgeous pinktaffeta dress. We would dance all night. He would rent a limo without forget flowers. We would finish the night, behind gradins to drink tequila and havefun.
Then, I would been gone to college, in the most bright university in the United States: Yale. I would studies art. My parents would make savingsall their life for send me in the most prestigious college in the country. I would been learn English an American literature, pop culture, Americanhistory and art of history. For helping my parents to pay my education, I would have a job after class, in a bar in town, as bartender or waitress. And Iwould been graduate and I would start my new life as like a teacher in a little school of Las Vegas and I would meet my husband in a casino, when he willwin 20000 box. Then, we would gone in our honeymoon, where we would visit Europe: Paris, Prague, Venice, Vienna and London.
When we would been back, wewould live in a suburb. We would have seven children, a dog name Sparkly in a big house in Victorian style with a white fences.

Who’s go with me?