Sport et les problemes avec ca

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Research Brief
Resume of subject matter and scope of project.
This project shall thoroughly explore the role of Bilingualism in Ireland paying particular attention to Bilingual education in Irishspeaking schools (both Primary and Secondary) and the later effect that can have at third level education. In this project, I will focus on children who speak Irish in school and who speak bothEnglish and Irish at home. Is bilingual education in Ireland in danger of decline or extinction? Is being educated bilingually in primary school better than being educated in a primary school which educatesjust through English? Can the primary school student’s level of Irish which is basically there first language be affected by their level of English? Are bilinguals inclined to attend third leveleducation more than people who only speak English? How has bilingual education changed in Ireland during the 20th Century? What are the benefits of being bilingual? For example, being bilingual has apositive effect on intellectual growth. It enhances and enriches a person’s mental development. The latest research has proved that the bilinguals are better at IQ tests as compared to the monolinguals.Are there any differences between males and females when it comes to learning and speaking Irish?

Review of Sources
As regards literature as a resource, books about bilingualism are in abundance.However in finding the few that I have read so far, I have learned about the background of this project: bilingual education in Ireland, the advantages of being educated bilingually .When speakingabout bilingual education in Ireland the languages usually involved are Irish and English, the two official languages of our country. Foreign languages are not part of the formal curriculum at primarylevel and are introduced as subjects only at secondary level. For the majority of Irish children, English is their mother tongue and it is through the educational system that they learn Irish. It is...