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TOEIC Error Recognition
1) Should we really speak of the breakdown of families when we are perhaps witnessing new family forms and a new social structure arising late capitalism?
* It shouldbe “arising from”.

2) Advocacy for child war victims, children in hazardous work, abused children and those variously exploited or handicapped has attracted the attention and commitment oflegislators and policy-makers through the world.
* It should be “throughout”.

3) The increase population, and rapid economic growth in recent years, has put a large and increasing stress on thewater resources and environment in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
* It should be “increase in population“.

4) The technology, developed in coal-rich Germany in the 1920s, involves partly burningcoal to turn it into a gas, then using a catalyst, usually a metal, make it liquid.
* It should be “To make it”.

5) In 2004, a team led by the government environment ministry says thatchemicals from the factory had contaminated sediment in the bay and entered the food chain.
* It should be “said that chemicals”.

6) The economy is heavy dependent on industry, and economicgrowth has always been of greater concern than environmental preservation.
* It should be “heavily dependant”.

7) Most of the large industries in the country are well organized and structured andare sometimes backed up internationally reputable mother companies.
* It should be “backed up by”.

8) Public opinion polls have consistently demonstrated the publics willingness for“tradeoff” economic growths for environmental protection.
* It should be “willingness to”.

9) The minimum wage bill provides for a gradual reduction of the minimum wage from $5.15 an hour to $7.25an hour over two years.
* It should be “increase” not “reduction”.

10) Education should emphasize our interdependence with peoples, with other species and with the planet as a whole....