Standards, regulations and consumers protection

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|European Master in Consumer Affairs |
|Standards, Regulations & consumer protection |
|Overview of standards’ role in the field of consumers protection, |
|Overview ofregulations’ role developing standards, |
|New approach on European regulations, |
|Overview about standards and Standardization Organizations, |
|Essential SafetyRequirements and standards prescriptions. |
| |
|By Joan Palau |

|Matthieu Gluszkowski|
|08/03/2010 |

Sommaire :
Session 1: from the old to the new approach: 2
I. Introduction: 2
II. Safety standards: 3
III. Technical Standards and Regulations Directives 98/34 EC 98/48 EC: 4
IV. PreliminaryConclusions: 4
Regulatory approaches: 5
I. First approach, old approach: 5
II. Regulation in different sectors: 5
III. Preliminary Conclusions: 8
Second approach, new and global approach: 9
I. New Approach: 9
II. Scope of new Approach Directives: 12
III. Responsibilities within new Approach Directives: 13
IV. Compliance with Directives within new Approach Directives: 15
V.Conformity assessment procedure: 16
VI. Notified Bodies: 17
VII. CE Marking: 18
VIII. Market surveillance: 19
IX. Administrative cooperation: 21
X. Products imported from third countries: 21
XI. External aspects: 22
XII. Recommendations: 22
Low voltage directive 22
I. Does LVD fulfill New Approach Directives? 23
Principal Elements of the Safety Objectives: GeneralConditions 24
I. General Conditions 25
II. Achieving tolerable risk 26
III. Safety Standard 27
IV. Product TC 29
V. Standards’ Requirements: 31

Session 1: from the old to the new approach:

I. Introduction:

A. What does exactly safety means?

Safety is: freedom from unacceptable risk
Risk: combination of the probability of occurrence of harm and the severity of that harmHarm: physical injury or damage to the health of people, or damage to property or the environment
Acceptable risk: risk which is accepted in a given context based on the current values of society

The absence of any risk in socially acceptable terms
Safety concerns:
‒ For Swedish’s child
‒ For Congolese's child

B. Problems to be solved:

The concept of safety is asymmetric:– Does not have the same meaning everywhere and it is submitted to governmental priorities and social requests
– The level of demands on safety requirements is greater when more identified is the responsible for providing

C. How to equalize?

WTO agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade:

Article 1 General Provisions:
– 1.1 General terms for standardization andprocedures for assessment of conformity shall normally have the meaning given to them by definitions adopted within the United Nations system and by international standardizing bodies taking into account their context and in the light of the object and purpose of this Agreement..
– 1.3 All products, including industrial and agricultural products, shall be subject to the provisions of...