Starbucks histoire en anglais

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This company was founded in 1971 in Seattle by three friends Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl, and Gordon Bowkerin passionated about coffee beans. At this time, they proposedto the customers only coffee made the coffee beans. People from Seattle were the first to drink, the new Starbucks Coffee product.

The Company grew slowly. Ten years years of business, only fourbars were operating.

In 1982, a marketing manager arrived in the company : Howard Schultz. At the moment he was coming back from a trip in Italy and he discovered the mildness of the italian coffee.At the beginning the company proposed only coffee based of coffee beans. So, Howard thought the company had to boroaden their products. So, he decided that the company proposed more ilk of coffeelike the italian coffe : mocha, coffee in an italian mood. But, the three fouders disagreed the marketing manager’s ideas and didn’t want to invest in his project.

Howard Shultz believed in hisidea and decided to create his own company by himself. Starbuck was the principal shareholder because they get into debt with the bank. The bar of Shultz’s company was a success. Indeed, he proposedexpresso in a congenial italian atmosphere. Consequently, he opened news bar in the most popular city like Vancouver or Chicago.

En 1987, the two companies merged. Howard Shultz took the position ofthe chairman, it was at the head of the company. So, he decided to renewed all the stores. From then on, they proposed expresso and coffee beans in a italian design. The objective of Shultz was opening125 starbuck in 5 yers. But, accomplish the objective was very difucult but he triyed. In 1988, 15 stores were opened, 20 in 1989, 30 in 1990, 21 in 1991 and finally 53 in 1992. So 139 stores wereopened in 4 year in Vancouver, Chicago, Portland and Chicago. In 1992, Starbuck etablished in north of california. Today, they are in all of USA.

In 1996, Starbucks mooved in Japan who the coffee is...