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I am going to present to you a series that you certainly know :Stargate SG-1.
It was created by Brad Wright and Jonathan Glassner and based on the movie Stargate realized in1994 by Roland Emmerich.
The series began in 1997 and finished in 2007. There is 10 seasons, 214 episodes and 3 television film.

In 1928, Some archaeologists discovered astone ring in Egypt.
In 1997, an other archaeologist, Daniel Jackson, try to convince his colleagues that the pyramids was built by alien who wanted to looked like gods. Nobodybelieve him except a woman, who show him the stone ring. Effectively, The Us army took the ring and made a projects around it. Daniel translates some hieroglyph and discoversthat this stone ring enable to travel in another planet. The colonel Jack O’Neill take command of the team and they go in this planet and meet another humans who speaks oldEgyptian. They kill an alien who seems like their God and return in the earth, but without Daniel Jackson who fall in love with a foreign woman.
So the series begins one year later,the us army think that Daniel Jackson died and that the planet was destructed. One day, aliens arrived by the ring, and killed some people. Samantha Carter, a scientific andUnited States Air Force Captain, explain that there is a lot of other planets which can be visited. O’Neill, her and some other guys go to Daniel Jackson’s planet and kill other badaliens. They are called Goa’uld .
Because of his wife death, Daniel Jackson return to the earth. An alien, Teal’C, who must be bad, come back with them and became a member ofSG1, Star Gate 1.
Because now, all of SG team have a mission : Travel in other planets, discover new technologies and kill the Goa’uld.
I know it’s little too complicated.