Stereotypes in our society

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Today I am going to talk to you about stereotypes. Who has never heard about them ? Maybe you heard or even justified one once without noticing. Almost every person in the world will have to face astereotype once in his life because
there are so many of them. Even I did, people are most of the time surprised to hear that I am Dutch, when they hear it they say " But you're not Blond! ", like ifall the dutch people are blond, that is ridiculous you can't say that about a whole
population. The most known stereotypes are those about nationalities, like when someone says " the french all werethe beret " or " the english only drink tea" . There are so many of them and the most of the time they aren't even true, or they
were true but only a long time ago. The stereotypes aboutnationalities helps us to categorize a population and to put them in groups. Those prejudices irritate or even make some people mad about it because they don't want to be put in a
categorie. If you reallythink about you can't actually do that because you can't say that the whole population of a country has the same properties. It is like you can't say that all the french men were a beret, because they donot all wear one,
some even hate it. Those stereotypes are made for the stranger or the tourist that doesn't know a thing about the country he is going to visit, because nothing would be morehorrible for a tourist than visit a country that doesn't even have it's own
customs and properties and that isn't different than the ones he is used to. By the society, the medias, the familyenvrionment, the education are created and transfered those cliches. Most of them are created by movies, like Eurotrip which is a
movie about some young americans who go to Europe and who, of course meet allthe stereotypes of the other countries they visit. About the french, there are lot of stereotypes like it's said that they only eat the baguette, croissants, french
cheese and only drink wine. That...