Straddling bus

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Nowadays, there are many problems concerning the transport network we are trying to solve with ecological means to travel faster and easier. A new mean of transport has been created to make it possible. Thanks to Shenzhen Hashi Future Parking Equipment Co, a futurist bus has been innovated in Peking

A. Product’s presentation:

A new model ofbus has been invented to take care of the environment and to reduce the traffic. It measures 4,5 meters, by this way, cars can go below the bus and don’t have to avoid it by doubling it or being blocked and so waste a lot of time. Its speed is 60km/h, it can transport from 1200 to 1400 passengers with 300 per cabin.

This is an ecological bus because it needs municipal electricity and solarenergy. At each stop, it will stock energy to go to the next station.

To avoid accidents, the bus is equipped of many alarm system and so prevent collision between cars and the bus. We can find:

* Ultra sonic waves at the end of the bus prevent too high vehicles to not go below it
* A scanning laser triggers the alarm if cars are too close to the passage
* Indicator lights indicatecars below the bus it will turn
* A scanning radar prevent vehicles below the bus if they are too close to the bus
If passengers have to go out, the system of evacuation is similar to plane’s, blowing slides would allow people to slip on and be safe.

B. The necessary resources:

To establish this model of bus, we will have to modify the road toallow the bus to circulate, the road must be enough wide for the bus and cars.
There are 2 possibilities:
* On the one hand, we can install rails and in this case, 30% of energy would be saved
* On the other hand, we can paint 2 white lines and use auto-piloting and the bus would follow those lines
We will also have to build the station to places which are the most frequented.Financially, we can compare with Peking where the construction would reach 56 millions euro with 40 km of rails. It represents 10% less than a budget for establishing a subway.

We will also have to convince people to use it in order to make it rentable. In fact, we must explain them it the best mean of transport in town, faster, cheaper, ecological and safer than others to inform them how it worksand we guarantee them how practical and safe it is. Those information can be spread with television, newspaper, radio or advertising poster. So the population will have a good image of our product and will use it to move in town rather than an other mean of transport.

A. On the Market:

Concerning the price of the ticket, we can proposeprices slightly higher than actual prices for tickets for the bus. It means:
* 1,30 € for Pass 1 hour
* 9,50 € for ticket “10 journeys”
* 35 € for Pass Divia for 1 year
* 9 € for Pass 5/17
* 26 € for Pass 18/25
* 11 € for Pass Divia Hebdo for a week

We can evaluate which kind of customer we can propose our product. Straddling bus concerns every type of customer: students,old persons, workers, and kids. We can so promote this product to all of them because they need it and would be satisfy of this evolution in their life, especially for students and workers.

Moreover, this kind of mean of transport is, according to many cities, the most used because it is cheap and we can go everywhere. With thestraddling bus, there are 2 more reasons because it is faster and it does not pollute. We are so hoping an increase of number of persons who will use it and at the same time a diminution of cars in city to protect the environment.

We can make an estimation of the evolution of our turnover in the future. Of course this evaluation begins as soon as all the...