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Masterclass + workshop

Business Model Innovation with international business model expert Alex Osterwalder
“Companies that aren’t able to systematically rejuvenate their business model willstruggle to survive and thrive.” “Business Model Innovation is about new ways of creating, delivering and capturing value.”
- Dr. Alex Osterwalder


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Enter the future

The world has moved on... has your company?
For years companies had a working business model but now due to a rapid changingenvironment like the financial crisis, changed customer behaviour, the role of the internet and access to knowledge and information traditional business models are loosing ground and a new way ofthinking is required. What are the business models of the future?

Alex Osterwalder
Dr. Alex Osterwalder, international business model expert, holds a Ph.D. degree from the University of Lausanne. Alexis a 'global thought leader' on business model innovation. His work is world wide recognized by the industry and business innovation experts. He is currently one of the most wanted internationalspeakers on business innovation. He coaches executives, entrepeneurs and consultants around the globe to help them better understand how they can transform their business model. Dr. Osterwalder hasdeveloped a systematic approach to business model innovation, which is applied in companies such as IBM, Deloitte, Ericsson,Telenor and more.

IBBT (Interdisciplinary Institute for BroadbandTechnology) is an independent research institute founded by the Flemish government to stimulate ICT innovation. The IBBT team offers companies and organizations active support in R&D and business development.It brings together companies, authorities, and non-profit organizations to join forces on research projects. Both technical and non-technical issues are addressed within each of these projects. The...