Study skills in hospitality management

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In this essay, we will analyze the different skills that a student needs during his university career and in his professional life. These skills will serve him to optimize his work. At first, we’ll analyze the method of Gathering Information and Note Taking Skills and Time Management Skills and Managing Stress. We will also analyze teamwork skills, reading skills and memory recall.
At the end ofthe academic course, students should be able to mobilize its their educational achievement outside school, in various situations, complex and unpredictable. Reinvestment of Educational Achievement meets the need of effective teaching to life situations at work and outside work. According to Cameron, S. who asks: ‘’ What do employers look for in graduates? ’’
In the hotels and catering sector,employers are looking for competent and friendly employees, they do not necessarily require that employees know the techniques of study. We then will analyze these methods.

The gathering Information is intended to collect all the information available for a study. The information retrieval is a very wide area; it can be done by different means whatsoever audio, written or visual. According toLoughborough University (1996): ‘‘Information is available from a variety of sources through a variety of means. An effective search, and one likely to be of increased benefit, takes into account this diversity rather than simply going to the shelves in the library for the relevant text book or books’’. With the advent of the first computers in 1970 was born the idea of using machines to automateinformation retrieval. In the hotels and catering sector, the gathering information is necessary for the proper functioning of the company.
Based on the professional experience of the author, a General Manager should collect such revenue, RevPAR, or the capital of a similar competitor, in order to analyze his results and to compare with his hotel. In student life and later in the hotel industryand catering, one has to take notes to capture and store information. The writing promotes understanding and retention of information learned and subsequently allows a better of his knowledge. Taking notes helps keep the essential of a lesson, prepare an oral presentation, build documentation, and develop his analytical and synthesis as well as save time. Abbreviations may be used. When a new personis recruited in a hotel or restaurant, he or she does not know the structure of the company yet; he or she will have to take notes in order to retain critical information. The American Cornell method consist in its separating a sheet into 4 parts, a first zone (top) with the name, date and subject, a second zone with his note-taking (the page), a third zone (in the margin ) with the key points,warning signs, and a fourth zone (bottom) with a synthesis, a summary.

Stress in itself is not a disease, on the contrary, well managed, stress is challenging, since there is no social life without stress, all learn to deal with it. One had better learn out to deals with it: According to Ohio State University (2008) which says: ‘’Because individuals are unique, a stressor for one person may notbe a stressor for another. The degree of stress a person feels depends on their interpretation of how challenging or unpleasant the event seems’’.
At first, we must identify the source of stress and whether our reaction is adapted to the situation or if it is exaggerated. It should dramatize and make the difference between serious problems and little problems of everyday life. Being optimistic,we reduce the influence of stress on our mind and we have all our resources to face our daily missions. Even if life is made of contingencies, we must put the odds on our side to avoid last minute stress, well known among students who often wait until the last moment to work. A good time management will be beneficial. In the hotels and catering sector, a server must learn to manage stress and...