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UN climate change deal needs moresacrifices by West, John Prescott warns

Vital UN climate change talks in Copenhagen are likely to collapse unless rich nations agree a "social justice deal" built around equalising emissions per headin each country, according to the former UK deputy prime minister John Prescott. Speaking to the Guardian, Prescott admitted that the formula would require far greater sacrifices by rich nations,especially the US. Prescott, one of three politicians to broker the original UN climate change deal in December 1997, is to become deeply involved in trying to ensure there is a successor to Kyoto. He isdoubtful that the EU member states will even stick to the commitments they make. "For a deal to work it has to have a formula that has an element of equity and social justice in it that reflects thestate of each country's industrial development and its emissions per capita." China now emits more carbon than America in absolute terms, owing to the size of its population, but in per capita terms theUS emits four or five times as much. Prescott warns: "Rich countries are showing great reluctance to face up to the reality of what rationing carbon means for levels of growth and prosperity in theircountries. It is going to be a fundamental change." Prescott says: "From speaking to the Americans I can already see it is clear that they are going to have difficulties even meeting the Europeantarget. The steel and coal companies are financing the same kind of campaigns against Copenhagen as they financed against Kyoto. The fact is that the west has poisoned the world and left continents likeAfrica in poverty. The west will have up to stump up the cash for clean technology." Copenhagen, he argues, will represent a major infringement on free market economies, even though it will use...